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Blog Article #54

"The Fears That Make Us (Unnecessarily) Quake"

Categories: Blogging — Client: Susan Cain — Copywriter: Brad Williamson


Dear Reader,

Before reading the following ghostwritten material, know this:

  • The following copy was written for my client Susan Cain. As the creator of the material, I...

    • Collaborated with Susan on the conceptualization of the article's creative angle.

    • Interviewed Susan to capture her thoughts about the subject matter the article would cover.

    • Strategized how the article would unfold.

    • Promoted the article throughout her many social media profiles.

  • This is one of many articles I helped her conceptualize, write, design, publish, and promote throughout the three years we worked together. I have also helped many other aspiring and existing public figures in the same way.

  • This article originally appeared on Susan's website.