Seductive Selling

Email Newsletter #26


"The Only Sales Funnel You’ll Ever Need. Come Get It — It's FREE!"

Categories: Email Newsletter / Persuasive — Client: Mike Dillard — Copywriter: Brad Williamson

Dear Reader,

Before you begin reading the following landing page sample, know this:

  • The following persuasive / seductive copy was written to entice people to check out ClickFunnels co-founder Russell Brunson's appearance on Mike Dillard's "Self-Made Man" podcast.

  • The formula used to craft this landing page copy was inspired by the field of Positive Psychology and the Art of Seduction/Persuasion.

Today’s episode: Russell Brunson, CEO of, reveals every detail of the one and only sales funnel he’s ever used to build his $50MM+ companies. Watch it now!

Hey-hey! How’s that sales funnel you designed working out for you?

You making big bucks yet?

No? Really? Not even a little bit? That’s too bad. I figured you’d be making billions by now. That product of yours is incredible and worth every cent you charge for it. Like really... It’s that great. In fact, it’s so great that I can’t help but wonder…

Is there something wrong with your funnel?

Are you sure your ad campaigns’ targeting is on-point? Maybe you’re pouring the wrong type of traffic into your funnel.

Or could it be your bait—the incentive you offer in exchange for people’s contact info? Maybe it’s not as irresistible as you hoped it’d be. Eh? Could that be it?

Oh, I know! Maybe it’s how you’re positioning your product. Maybe you’re touting its features when you should, instead, promote the results it provides. That’d be a huge mistake. HUGE.

You know my buddy Russell Brunson is the CEO of, right?

I bet he could fix your funnel.

Russell has built a $50MM+ company using the exact same sales funnel, over and over again. Like seriously, I mean that literally—the exact same funnel. Rinse and repeat. All day long, every day. The guy’s making an absurd amount of money. Kinda makes you sick, doesn’t it?

Yeah, well, don’t get too jealous, because Russell’s one of the most generous people I know. He’s a guy you want on your side. 

Proof in point:

The other day, he straight-up gave me his sales funnel. 

Yeah, that’s right—the entire damn thing. Every step, every detail of the one and only crazy-successful sales funnel he’s ever used—he gave it to me

Oh, and he said YOU could have it, too. 

For FREE. 

I’m not even joking.

Okay, so if you want to copy Russell’s sales funnel, there’s an hour-long video you need to watch.

Every detail will be revealed to you in a language any Self-Made Man should be able to understand.

In the video, you will:

  • Learn how to hyper-target your campaigns so they only reach people who are searching for the solution your product/service provides.

  • Find out exactly how Russell sets up his $50MM+ sales funnel that brilliantly converts cold traffic into loyal customers who will urgently want to spend money with you, time and time again.

  • Learn how to make more money than you spend on advertising costs, from the get-go. That’s right—you’ll be profitable from day one.

So you want the funnel, right? RIGHT?

Of course you want it! Who wouldn’t?

Well it’s yours for the taking. Yes, for FREE. And no, there’s no catch.

So go ahead. Watch it. Russell’s FREE video presentation is live on my website, right now. Click the link below and sign-in to learn in one quick hour what it took Russell years to realize. 


Mike Dillard