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Email Newsletter #65


Darren Hardy - The 90-Minute Workday

Categories: Email Marketing / Funnel / Landing Page Persuasive — Client: Darren Hardy — Copywriter: Brad Williamson

Dear Reader,

Before you begin reading what’s to come, know this:

  • The following persuasive / seductive copy was written to entice people to enroll in Darren Hardy’s success seminars.

  • Darren is known as “the world's preeminent success coach”.

  • Each email was written to resonate with a unique personality-type.

  • The formula used to craft this landing page copy was inspired by the field of Positive Psychology and the Art of Seduction/Persuasion.

“High Performance Forum” Email:

Subject: “Smart” drugs and your weekend plans


Hey there, Joe. It’s Darren.

Got anything going on this weekend?
If no, there’s an self-improvement event you’ll want to go to.
I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

First though, there’s something I want to ask you:

Have you heard about these “smart drugs”…
These “cognitive enhancers”…
These pills people are taking to (supposedly) sharpen their mind, heighten their focus, and become incredibly productive…

You know anything about them?


Because I have.
And I don’t like them.
I don’t like them one bit.

Sure, a superhuman mind sounds great, but my body is my temple; so resisting something the FDA hasn’t approved is an easy decision to make.

Oh, and then there’s also THIS:

They’re just not necessary.

I’ve made it this far without them.
Your professional well-being seems strong.
And when I interviewed Joel Osteen, Mark Cuban, Barack Obama, etc…
They never said anything about taking PEDs to accelerate their success.
They did things the old-school way.

But this new-school approach to productivity…

It’s wild, Joe.
It’s frantic.
It’ll make your head spin.
And your heart stop.

These kids need to slow down, Joe!
And, if I’m being real with you...

You do, too.

You work way too hard, buddy.
And your family and I are worried you’ll work yourself to death.
Like literally.

So about that online, self-improvement event I was talking about — it’s called:

“THE 90-MINUTE WORKDAY — 3 Productivity Secrets Superachievers Use to Work Less and Earn More”

You’ll learn how to:

  • Sharpen your mind.

  • Heighten your focus.

  • And become CRAZY-PRODUCTIVE (sans “smart” drugs).

I’m hosting it, and I want YOU to be my special guest.

So will you come?
Your family and I pray you will.
Because we love you, Joe.
And we want you around for a loooooong time. ;-)

Link: I’m on my way, Darren!
Link: No, 60-hour workweeks are THE BEST!

Corresponding “High Performance Forum” Landing Page:

Sub-head: 3 Productivity Secrets Superachievers Use to Work Less and Earn More
Description: Are you ready to learn how to strengthen your focus and accomplish more?
Call-to-action button: THEN LET’S GET STARTED!

“Darren Daily” Email:

Subject: Dan! It’s me, Darren…


Dan! What’s good?

Work going well?
Life sailing a bit smoother these days?

What’s wrong?

You’re frustrated?
Why frustrated?

I’m sorry…
Don’t answer that.
I already know why:

Work’s a drag, huh?
You’re still not happy there.
And you don’t imagine you ever will be.

You’re down because you don’t feel you’re able to be YOU, the REAL YOU, the HAPPY YOU, the YOU you’d be if you were living life on your own terms, instead of someone else’s.

That’s not good, Dan.
That’s not good, at all.

Dan, I know you’ve got things you want to do with your life — BIG THINGS:

  • Professional dreams you want to make come true.

  • Friends you want to spend more time with.

  • A family you want to make proud.

But you’re not progressing toward any of that right now, are you?

No, you’re not.

Instead, your confidence, your motivation, your will to move forward…

It’s all going in reverse.

Dan, my man, it’s obvious:

You’re allowing yourself to settle.
And this lesser-life is quickly becoming your new-normal.

I’m sorry, buddy, but I can’t let you damage yourself like this anymore. That’s why, starting right now, I’m going to begin helping you become #BetterEveryDay.

How, you ask?

By becoming your mentor.

Wait, WHUT?
You say you don’t need a mentor?

Uuuuuh, yeah you do.
Everyone does.
Don’t be stubborn.

And now, like it or not, you’ve got me as yours.

Cool. ;-)

Now meet me on the other side of that link below, okay?

Hyperlinked: There’s something you urgently need to hear.

Corresponding “Darren Daily” Landing Page:


Sub-head: And Darren Hardy Wants to Be Yours

Description: (See below)

Darren Hardy is the world's preeminent success coach. Every life he touches he transforms for the better — and now he wants to transform yours.

With Darren Hardy as your personal mentor, he will teach you how to:

  • Become a more positive person.

  • Strengthen your relationships.

  • Increase your sense of mindfulness.

  • Accomplish more with less effort.

  • And lead the life of your dreams!

Are you ready to meet your new mentor, Darren Hardy?

Call-to-action button: YES, I CAN'T WAIT!

“Persuasion” Email:

Subject: Kacey…


Hey there, Kacey. It’s Darren.

You’re exhausted, aren’t you?
You’re in constant demand.
Your co-workers, your husband, your kids…
They’re always begging you to do something for them:

“Gimme-gimme, Mommy!”
“Chop-chop, Babe!”
“Tick-tock, Mrs. Roberts!”

This is the soundtrack of your life.

And it’s driving you @#$%ing crazy!

But HEY—
Don’t you dare feel guilty for how you feel!
You should feel a tinge of resentment towards them.
You should privately curse them when they take advantage of you.
And you should want them to give you some space every once in awhile, so you can have the freedom you deserve to design your own place in this world.

Now tell me something, Kacey…

Do you want less “gimme-gimme”?
And more “I’ll take care of that for you”?

Yeah, you do?

Well I’ve got good news for you:

You can have BOTH.

BUT, before you’re able to begin getting whatever you want from whomever you want, there’s something you need to learn:

The Art of Persuasion—
Learn it and you’ll rule your world.

Family, friends, and co-workers will respond “YES!” to requests they’d usually refuse, as a result of this soft, subtle, and powerfully influential skill that will persuade others to take interest in what matters to YOU.

Don’t believe that’s possible?

Well I promise it is.

But, then again, if you insist on being skeptical, I suppose there’s no way for me to persuade you to believe otherwise.

Or is there?

Hyperlinked: Click here and let’s find out. ;-)

Corresponding “Persuasion” Landing Page:

Sub-head: How to Get Whatever You Want From Whomever You Want
Description: (See below…)

Today's Preeminent Success Mentor


  • Capture people's attention.

  • Stir their emotions .

  • Ease their resistance towards your wishes.

  • And induce a state of mind that has them eager to fulfill them.

Are you ready to become powerfully persuasive?

Call-to-action button: LET’S GET STARTED!