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Eye Strain. You’ve got it.

For hours you’ve been staring at your computer in search of a solution, a surefire way to generate more income, more clients, more interest in your business’ offerings.

But solutions are nowhere to be found.
At least not new ones.
You’ve already tried them all:

  • You optimized your website in every imaginable way.

  • You became more active on social media.

  • You ran — what you thought was — a brilliant ad campaign.

All those measures...
They failed.
Didn't even move the needle a little bit.

Hence why panic is setting in.

It’s as if people are repulsed by your offerings.

Of course you don’t want to imagine that being the case, but the analytics don’t lie:

Less than 27 seconds: 
That’s the average amount of time visitors spend on your website.

Less than 10% of your social media followers:
That’s the average amount of people who actually see what you post.

0.00% click-thru rate:
That’s the pathetic performance of your last ad campaign.

All of your selling techniques are being resisted. Your situation is so sad it’s damn near laughable.

So yeah... I get it.
I understand why you're frustrated.
All this rejection has to be killing you.
Never before have you so desperately hoped for help.
But none appears to be on its way.

So what are you supposed to do next?
How are you supposed to turn things around?
Where the fuck is an epiphany when you need one most?

<< shrug >>

You don’t know.
You just don’t.

However, there is one thing you couldn't be more certain of  — and it’s a dark, scary realization you never dreamed would cross your mind:

You’re struggling.
You’re losing.
And, worst of all…

You’re losing hope.

Brad here.
Brad Williamson.
Like you, I suck at selling.

A few years ago, my business was failing.
It was falling flat on its ass.
And I, too, couldn’t figure out why.

So I searched the web for solutions.
And I tried every marketing strategy I came across:

  • I optimized my website.

  • I was active on social media.

  • I ran ad campaigns.

I tried everything the internet marketing “gurus” suggested I try, and none of their sales strategies worked.

That's when I began to wonder:

Could my offerings be at fault?
Maybe they're lacking something.
Something people want but I haven't yet designed them to provide.

After weeks of evaluations / wasted time, the answer to that question became clear:

That wasn’t it.
Just as I thought, there wasn’t a need for any improvements.

So back to square one I went, still without anyone or anything to blame for my business’ lack of sales.

I had officially run out of good excuses for my bad situation.

But then it him me:
An epiphany.
One I didn't want to hear but certainly needed to hear:

I was to blame.

I was the reason my business was struggling.

And guess what:

You — yeah YOU — are to blame for your lack of success, too.

So yeah…
You’re blowing it
And this should terrify you.

Your business has amazing offerings.
The masses should be eager to embrace them.
And you should be profiting off its demand.

But you’re not.
Like, not even a little bit.
And the reason is obvious:

You’re an awful salesperson.

Now before you get all ashamed or defensive, there’s something you need to realize:

You’re not alone.
Everyone is an awful salesperson.
Because the act of selling is inherently awful.

I mean just think about it:

Not only are sales pitches forceful, disruptive, obnoxious, and annoying, but, most of all, they’re…


Everyone — including yourself — loathes sales pitches.
Yet still, you, along with billions of professionals around the world, continue to litter society with marketing messages no one — and I mean NO ONE — wants to endure.

Your website…
Your social media profiles…
Your ad campaigns…
All of your marketing vehicles contain sales pitches.
And the substance of those pitches are literally repulsive, because...

People hate to be sold. No one likes to be told what to think, what to do, or what to buy. They don’t like to be strong-armed into doing anything.

However, what they do like to do is this:

People like to make up their minds for themselves.

And you know this!
Yet still, you pitch people!

Online and off, you approach people with the same old repulsive spiel:

Over here!
Look at me!
Look at what I have!
You want what I have, don't you?
What I have is incredible!
What I have is beautiful!
What I have is affordable!
I'm certain you'll love it!

Do you hear yourself when you’re selling?

Do you read the self-absorbed sales copy you write?

Would you buy something from your self-centered self?

Hell no you wouldn’t!  Because every sales pitch you pump into the world — spoken or written, online or off — reeks of desperation:

- You're desperate for money.
- You're desperate for security.
- You're desperate for success.

You're not fooling anyone with that fake smile you show your prospects. They know what you're up to (attempted manipulation); they know you need what they have (money); they sense how desperate you are to get it; and every second that ticks by while you're rattling off yet another "selling point," they're thinking...

Damn. This guy /girl is SUCH a turn-off.

Hence the reason why...

You need to change your sales approach, ASAP.

Everyone in sales needs to, too.
They all need to ditch the pitch.
That forceful, disruptive, obnoxious, annoying, ineffective means to make a living: it needs to be forever forgotten in favor of a form of persuasion that's purposely designed not to turn people off but, instead, to turn them on.

And that approach to persuasion is this:

The Language of Seduction 

Anyone representing a product, service, or cause that deserves to be embraced by the masses needs to...

Stop selling and start seducing.

The Language of Seduction is the sales solution you've needed since — well — you entered the workforce.

When strategically delivered, it's the most powerful form of persuasion there is.

Speak it fluently, in writing or in-person, and you and whatever it is you represent will inevitably become irresistible, because…

The Language of Seduction is purposely designed to turn people on, to dazzle, to tease, to mesmerize, to persuade another individual, or the masses, to think, do, or buy whatever it is you want them to think, do, or buy.

Again, that's why...

The Language of Seduction is the most powerful form of persuasion there is.

As a salesperson-turned-seducer, your first goal is to do this:

You captivate the target of your seduction (your prospect) with an opportunity to receive pleasure, an escape from a struggle, or a path to a dream; then, using the language's soft, strategically spoken or written words, you mesmerize your target by sympathizing with the weakened conditions of their life; and, finally, you empathize with their desperate desire to strengthen them — which will, in turn, subtly, subliminally tease them into believing...

You, the charming, sympathetic person with the kind words they have fallen in love with just might be the savior they've long been searching for; the person with the solution that will set them free from struggle or pave that path that will lead them toward the realization of a dream.

By now you have successfully mesmerized your target.

Their attention is all yours.
Now you must make the most of it.
And you do so by steering their hope-filled emotions into a dark, unwanted direction.

You begin to prey on their vulnerability by elevating their fears.

With devastating detail you illustrate what your target's life will be like without the solution they've begun to believe you possess. 

And this drives the target of your seduction wild.

Ever since your target began listening to / reading your soft, subtle, subliminal words, they've begun to believe you are in possession of something they desperately want.

Yet you continue to tease them.
You've been building them up, then letting them down.
Making them feel hopeful, then at a loss.
Never before have they so anxiously wanted something in their life.
"Just give it to me, damnit!", your target thinks to themselves.

But still...
You don't.
You continue to lure them towards you, using pleasures as bait.

And this causes the target of your seduction to lose control.

Desperation takes over.

No longer can they wait patiently for your helping hand, your solution.

So they just take it.
No matter the cost, they make it theirs.

Your solution.
Your offering...

It has officially been sold.

No salesperson was necessary.
No selling techniques were deployed.
Instead, it was the soft, subtle delivery of the most powerful weapon of persuasion there is:

The Language of Seduction.

Learn how to leverage the Language of Seduction, and...

Never again will you have to perform another awkward, inneffective sales pitch.

Not in-person.
On your website.
Your social media posts.
Your ad campaigns.
Your emails.

You'll be seducing your way to success.

(Yes, there's a "but".)

Learning the language isn't easy.
And applying it is even more challenging.

Personally, it took years for me to master the Language of Seduction and the strategic formula in which it’s applied.

And it's likely it'll take you just as long to master it, too.

But you currently can't afford to spend that kind of time learning a new skill, can you?

No, you can't, because...
Your business is struggling NOW.
You need to make money NOW.
So you don't have time to learn how.

And besides...

If you were to rush the learning process and attempt to apply the language before you've fully mastered it, your seductions will inevitably fail.

Why? Because your delivery of the language, whether written or spoken, will feel robotic. And the targets of your seductions will sense you're trying to manipulate them. You know, just like a...

Repulsive salesperson.

And you know how successful those guys  are.
<< sarcasm >>

So yeah... 
I wanna help you.

It's just that I'm not sure if I can.
(At least not right away.)

I'm currently crafting seductions for many people just like you.
People who haven't yet mastered the Language of Seduction.
And, as a result, are forced to continue relying on selling techniques to make a living.

As a professional copywriter who has mastered the Language of Seduction, I'm currently crafting seductions for business'...

  • Websites

  • Blogs

  • Online marketing funnels

  • Social media profiles and posts

  • Online & offline ad campaigns

  • Email newsletters

  • Product descriptions

  • Television & radio scripts

...And all this work has left me with very little time to take on new clients.


There's still a chance I might be able to work with you. Here's how:

Seduce me.
(Or at least try. ;-)

Down below is a form.
I want you to fill it out with a short story.
One that makes it devastatingly clear that you desperately need help seducing the masses into a state of mind where they feel an urgent need to invest in whatever it is you have to offer.

Your story doesn't have to be lengthy.
It doesn't even have to be grammatically correct.

It just needs to be true.

Because I'll go out of my way to help good people who are having trouble persuading others to embrace their good products and/or services.

Wishing you the best,
Brad Williamson | Writer of Seductive Copy

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